Life is Feudal – Patch bringt Game Master Mode

Life is Feudal – Patch bringt Game Master Mode

Die Entwickler von Life is Feudal veröffentlichten am 27.09.2014 den umfangreichen Patch – Neben dem ultimativen Game Master Mode, der den Spielern die Konsole als mächtiges Instrument freischaltet, wurden weitere Details am Spiel verbessert und implementiert.

Life is Feudal Game Master Mode

Wer keinen Spass am stundenlangen farmen und grinden verspührt und vllt. stets alleine unterwegs ist, kann sich nun ganz kreativ im Game Master Mode austoben. Einzig euer Game-Master Passwort sowie die folgenden Befehle benötigt ihr um euch frei, wie ein GM durch Life is Feudal zu bewegen.

/GM password
turn GM Mode on and off for example:

  • /gm mysecretpassword

switch into camera mode

  • Shift + 1,2,3,4,5,6 – change camera speed
  • Shift + 8,9,0 – change camera movements and rotation dampening
  • E and Q – Move camera up and down

Spawn as a player on camera position

(or “b” on keyboard) complete selected unfinished building or object

(or “n” on keyboard) delete selected building or object

/SETMYSKILL skillID/skillName Amount
add a value to a certain skill, amount = 0…100 for example:

  • /setmyskill 32 10
  • /setmyskill “scale armors” 60
  • /setmyskill prospecting 20

set stat value, id = 0…4 value = 0…110 0 = Strength, 1 = Agility, 2 = Constitution, 3 = Willpower, 4 = Intellect for example:

  • /setmystat 2 60
  • /setmystat 0 72

adds all possible reagents for alchemy

/ALIGNMENT -1000..1000
set alignment of your character

/WEATHER Fair/Cloudy/Shower
set this server weather. sending to all clients on it. for example:

  • /WEATHER Shower

grow crops on a current part of terrain as if one in game day had passed. You will need to call that command 4 times in order to see crops changes

/ADD itemid/itemname amount [quality] [durability] add a certain item to your inventory for example:

  • /add 427 10 50 (adds 10 hides of 50 quality)
  • /add falchion 1 80 5000 (adds 1 Falchion of 80 quality and 50 durability)
  • /add “hardwood board” 100 10 (adds 100 boards of 10 quality)

Benutzt bitte für die ID Nummern, die Liste aus der offiziellen Seite hier:

Weitere Patch Notes (ver.

  • Fully implemented GM mode

  • You can observe players in your world via Esc -> Players menu. GMs can kick and ban players via that menu

  • Fixed Drying rack. For real. If it is still not working one of our team members will be fed to Boris

  • Fixed a bug where you could start yielding even when in a knockdown or [b]dead[/b] state. No more zombies! Realistic medieval FTW! :)

  • Dung is now properly consumed from your inventory while using it as a fertilizer

  • Reworked all herbalism ingredients to be easier to spot in your inventory

  • Added a few missing items and objects icons

  • Fixed/added Light Scale gauntlets/greaves crafting recipes

  • Fixed a few server and client side crashes

  • Added some more debug info to locate most notorious server and client crashes

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