FARCRY 4 Mod Review – Enhanced Regular

Heute schaue ich mir eine der ersten FARCRY4 Mods etwas genauer an und möchte ich zusätzlich ein paar hilfreiche Installation-Tipps mit auf dem Weg gehen. Wie immer gilt natürlich, das ihr die Mods auf eigene Gefahr installiert und ihr solltet euch stets ein BACKUP von den zu ersetzenden Dateien machen!

NaMODste v0.05  ist jetzt Enhanced Regular

Mod-Review Übersicht

  • Enhanced Regular Mod
  • Download & Links
  • Installation
  • offizielle Beschreibung (engl.)

FARCRY 4 Mod Review - Enhanced Regular

FARCRY 4 Enhanced Regular Mod – Beschreibung

Folgend habe ich euch eine kleine Liste der primären Änderungen des Mods aufgeführt. Bitte entnehmt den offiziellen und aktuellen Patch-Notizen die vollständige Liste aller Änderungen und Inhalte.

  1. Startintros – Skip (werden endlich übersprungen)
  2. Tag / Nacht Zyklus verlängert (fast doppelt so lang)
  3. Adler-Attacken wurden reduziert!
  4. Die Karte wurde gesäubert – entdeckte Orte tauchen nicht mehr auf … (nur noch Fragezeichen)
  5. Economy Updates: Preise der Waffen erhöht (Schwierigkeitsgrad entsprechend)
  6. Gegner-Wallhack entfernt – Umrisse entfernt – Symbole überm Kopf noch vorhanden


  1. TASTE R (Nachladen) – R gedrückt halten (Waffenrad)
  2. TASTE STRG (Heilen) – STRG gedrückt halten (Spritzen)
  3. TASTE  Z – Spreng- und Brandpfeil wechseln –   Z gedrückt halten (Reparaturmodul)

FARCRY 4 Mod Review - Enhanced Regular

FARCRY 4 Enhanced Regular Mod – DOWNLOAD

Bitte besucht die offizielle SEITE sowie die aktuelle Facebook Seite des Modders für den Download!

FARCRY 4 Enhanced Regular Mod – INSTALLATION

Für die Installation müssen zwei Dateien in eurem Spieleordner ausgetauscht werden. Ihr findet im jeweiligen Download Ordner auch eine sehr ausführliche “README” (engl.)

  • BACKUP nicht vergessen!!!  – Man kann es nicht zu oft erwähnen!!!

Ihr ersetzt einfach die folgenden 2 Dateien:  patch_hd.dat und patch_hd.fat   mit denen der Mod-Version

 Save Game & patch Dateien sichern

SaveGames Ordner =  [ C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\savegames\[long randomnumber]\420\ ]

Patch.dat/fat Ordner =  [Installationspfad]\Far Cry 4\data_win32\

 FARCRY 4 Mod Review - Enhanced Regular

FARCRY 4 Enhanced Regular Mod – OFFIZIELLES CHANGELOG (08.Dezember2014)

* Changed the name of the mod from NaMODste to Far Cry 4 Enhanced. Future updates will break the mode into several versions – casual, regular, hardcore, ect.
* Added my attachments mod. Weapons have many more attachments available for purchase now.
* Some minor adjustments to weapon prices. Some weak weapons lowered in price, some powerful weapons increased in price. Some weak weapons have lowered attachment & paint costs (in many cases the vanilla cost of a scope or paint job was well over the cost of the original weapon)
* Reduced value of toxic, damaged and burnt skins and chunks of flesh reduced. Tibetan wolf pelts increased in value (they were a paltry 1500 well under most other pelts including Dhole which made no sense).
* First attempt at lowering amount of Eagle attacks.

* Days and nights now last twice as long.
* Removed the startup movies until/if -skipintro is fixed by Ubi.

* REVERTED Press and Hold on E back because of a bug that prevents you from interacting with questgivers inside of safehouses. Thanks Ubi. Really. I will test alternate workarounds for this.
* FIXED an error that messed up being able to change sniper view. Still cannot separate sniper view from being able to cycle weapons which is annoying. Thanks again Ubi.
* Added keybinding which lets you bring up the skill screen with the L key. Also added I for Inventory, K for Krafting (sic), P for Progress and J for Journal. Of course the game ignores all of those except the skill screen binding. See a pattern forming here? Sigh
* I urge everyone frustrated by the weirdness of the keybindings to petition Ubi to fix them on the PC and in the mean time you may want to look at a third party program like autohotkey to bind things exactly the way you want.
* REMOVED radio tower popups stating that you get free weapons since you no longer do get free weapons from radio towers.

* Moved mod to patch_hd.dat which makes it much smaller and much more stable.
* Removed those damn pointer arrows which constantly point to nearby objectives. You can still track your destination on the minimap or the world map. One less annoyance on the FPS HUD. If/when Ubi fixes the “objective reminder” option to actually turn these off then I will restore them.
* FIXED – Press E to exit vehicles instead of press and hold.

* Initial release of mod!
* Incorporates the following changes:

+ Removed mouse acceleration (credit to redditor Cr1N for discovering this! http://www.reddit.com/r/farcry/comments/2n5w68/far_cry_4_mouse_fix_tested_on_103/ )
+ New Additional Keyboard Commands – Press RELOAD to reload weapon. Press and hold RELOAD to bring up the Weapon Selection Wheel. Press HEAL to use syringe or manually healing (no these cannot be separated yet). Press and hold HEAL to bring up Syringe Crafting Wheel.
+ Press (instead of press and hold) to interact with objects including picking up bodies. You must still press and hold to use grapple.
+ Removed pins from world map for discovered locations. This does not affect the undiscovered question marks (?). My OCD was going overtime at the dozens of pin marks on the world map that I in all likelihood will never visit again. NOTE: This doesn’t affect mission locations, outposts, fortresses, major points of interest, etc. but if you absolutely must find a specific place you can slowly mouse over the area where it should be and it will still popup a notation for you of the locations name and offer to place a waypoint there. Basically the icons are still there, they are just blank.
+ First attempt at removing “wallhack” where you can see enemies through walls. You can still see icons over their heads if you leave weapons tagging on. You can also still see them on the minimap if you leave the minimap on. Future releases will approve upon all of this.

+ Purchase costs in easy difficulty are the same. Purchase costs in normal difficulty are double and purchase costs in hard are triple. Selling costs remain unchanged. (There’s wayyy too much money in the game. I rarely have less a million in my wallet and no real reason to upgrade it and yet I’ve still run out of things to buy…)
+ No more free weapons from towers. You have to pay for them (or find them on enemy bodies)

+ New handbook image for Pagan Min (the bloody pen image while funny isn’t very appropriate for a handbook written by his propaganda machine)
+ Now with 100% more boobies! -> Removed body paint from Arena guards… “upper torso” ;)


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